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    Oh my goodness😂. en We Heart It.

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    My desktop wallpaper right now. 

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    ///////Happy 7th Birthday OLTA///////

    Seven years of / Pioneer to the Falls / No I in Threesome / The Scale / The Heinrich Maneuver / Mammoth / Pace Is the Trick / All Fired Up / Rest My Chemistry / Who Do You Think / Wrecking Ball / The Lighthouse / Mind Over Time


  6. rocketshoes:

    Paul Banks has a voice even a man would call a hotline for. 

    First single off El Pintor. Album out September 9th.


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    Quédate conmigo, no como algo que es parte de la vida, si no como algo que es parte de MI vida

  8. talkstostrangers:

    Some really old stuff that I made and then re-made adding some important The Killers’ lyrics. I miss create new scenarios that you are not going to find ever.


  9. "Hay gente que no debería estar buscando su media naranja… Sino el tornillo que le hace falta"
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  10. "Eran amantes eternos, buscarse y encontrarse una y otra vez era su karma."
    — "Retrato en sepia" - Isabel Allende. (via viejaculturafrita)